tirsdag 7. desember 2010

How to get a flat stomach.

I have researched a bit at the gym. I hate sit ups. I hate jogging, so I run, it goes much faster and is the same as jogging for a long time if you push hard enough. I hate...  aerobic.  I want the exercises I do to take hard and be highly effective, so I can get over with it, and feel very effective and happy about my workout throughout the day, and a couple of days after.

So here is a list, on how to get a flat stomach.

1.You need to eat less carbohydrates. And that also means sugar.

2. You need to run a little bit, get a little bit sweaty and sticky. three times a week. The harder the better

3. You need very good stomach exercises, that you actually DO as many times as required. Therefore I will now give you, the best ab exercise ever. As I have researched until now.

Ever seen those swings at the gym?, hanging there. It is like a rope hanging down, looking like something a child would sit in and swing on....?  It is for you to put your feet into. Or you could use a pilates ball like at this picture, but if you loose balance, you would, or I would, feel even stupider than I do when using a swing to do this.  I think the swing is better.
After having put your feet there, you contract,  your ass goes up in the air, I often make sure that there are no boys behind me, but why worry, it is human nature,  and you drag your feet under you, as in this picture, then back again. It is a very hard excersise, but I promise, it is one of the best. The best I have tried. And after having done this one, as many times as you are able, times 3, you ain`t able to do much more, maybe a couple of crunches if you like ( I hate them ).

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