fredag 10. desember 2010

How to remember things

How to remember things

I tend to forget. Mostly I forget trivial things, sometimes I forget important things, sometimes I procrastinate and forget things I should do, while doing other things. So what is the trick for getting a better memory, when not thinking about all the things I forget cause I want to ? So I googled it and came up with a couple of pointers:

1. Make sure you don`t have a lack of fish oil in your diet. Fish oil, or Omega 3 has been proven to make your brain function better. And most people don`t really eat half as much fish as they should. So go buy your Omega, or else your brain won`t function optimally

2. Do brain exercises, I don`t have any specific in mind but google "brain exercises for memory" and you can check out which ones you think looks the most fun, when you have some spare time.

3. Write down stuff on your mobile or in a book, whenever something pops into your mind, and make it a habit to actually write em down. Don`t buy a book and give yourself a new mobile phone if you never use them for the intended purpose. And if you choose a mobile phone for your writing, make sure you can write fast on it. I hate those new touch screens, I really want an iphone, but i hate touch screens. I write three times slower than I do on the "old" phones.

4. If you are to study, or need to remember things fast, I have tried and found it to be very efficient, to write the information down. Over and over and over and over and over again, because then you need to process it several times. That is also a trick written in this article from But make sure you don` strain your arm before your written exam, so that you have to write in pain during the test. That would be aaaawful, I know!

5 .Vitamin B complex. Vitamin B breaks down homocysteine.Homocysteine is natural in the body, but at high levels it has been linked to alzheimers and memory loss. So be sure that you have that part of your diet in place as well. Read an article about the breakthroug british research here

6. Make it a habit, in this world of confusion and things going by, to stop and; stare, think, blink, pause. Don`t forget that inner child, and learn how to wonder. Wonder about life, bees, honey, people at the coffe shop, wonder about that, him, her, stones ,trees, pollution, politics, wonder about why there is war, genocides weddings, funerals, families, friends, break ups, and bad boys, and bad girls, and good girls and bullying, and lifetimes, and religions, and, rock, blues and hip hop. But do it with an open mind and the spirit of love in you. If there is something you should remember, stop and take it in, It`s healthy, and it is important for the brain, and your health, don`t let everything pass by you in a fast pace.

And remember to remember, that there is nothing more important than to remember yourself, and become aware of you. So that you don`t get lost, in this information driven world; only thinking about what you think you should remember.

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