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How to get your boyfriend/girlfriend to exercise

How to get your boyfriend/girlfriend to exercise

I googled it,  here is a post you could read. It contains reasonable arguments, one must set a good example, be kind and encouraging....

I set a good example, I am very kind, and encouraging, doesn`t work.  When a stubborn man/woman is stubborn there is no can do about it? or?

A tried out method, ready for sharing.

1. Read yourself up on all the info to why, he/she should exercise, like health benefits, social benefits, sexual benefits, oh yeah there are plenty.

2. Then talk to him/her about how important it is for YOU to be healthy and fit, not necessarily trimmed as a vehicle, but fit and healthy. (  As in the wikihow article, encourage health, not physique

3. Talk even more about how YOU feel about getting, old, getting lazy, getting unfit, and ending up as a couple on two couches looking like two couches, which is something I think few people has as a goal in life. And how important you see, around you on other couples and families, it is that people stay healthy and fit to have that lasting sexual life, and attraction to each other, because YES we all get older and things start to sag, AND, it will , YES it will become softer, I am talking about IT, it will become softer, not harder as time grows, if he does not exercise.

And if and when the kids come, and fly out again...... nothing.

As you probably can tell I have a boyfriend I would like to exercise, not `cause he is fat, because he has to live long, to stay with me, period.

And did you know that an early sign of heart trouble is a failing erection.  Or failure to last long or easily loosing that blood from there.   It`s in the Dummies Guide, and you could also read about it here. If you are interested in that subject.  And here is a sum up on how excersise will make sex better. Some pretty good arguments for both sexes there, I`ll say.

Back to topic:
4.  He/she will probably get the picture soon.

5. You should start to talk, kindly, in some situations how getting his/her bloodpump pumping a couple of times a week would be good for her/him. Example; he/she might complain about tiredness, fatiguing, headache, muscle ache, depression, stress, phsycological issues, BUT everytime a fitting "complain" is mentioned, you should come with the solution, EXERCISE. And since you have already read all there is to know about the subject, since you have googled all your boyfriend/girlfriends sympthoms and knows how to relate them to exercise,  you can list up all the symptoms and all the solutions, and how it will affect her/his body in a positive way, to exercise.

5. If he/she does not listen , and does not want to listen, or is not ready to listen, you send her/him a long list,  on all the whys and hows, he/she MUST exercise. And that list, I suggest, should be a collection of all the articles you yourself has read. I particularly googled how; no exercise may  lead to an early death, and found some interesting articles on that subject. (A little dramatic view on the consequences of your choices in life, mostly doesn`t hurt people when done the right... :O )

So did you know that no exercise is as bad for you health as smoking, to say the least.?

Back to topic:
And at the end of that E-Mail, or facebook message, though I think e-mail is more proper, you write " I love you, so you should read this for your self and make your own conclusions, this is not me trying to start a fight, this is just me caring so much about your health that I have spend three hours( LIE, if you only spent a half, ) to find all this info you so can see why you should exercise, I don`t want to discuss this, you should just read and think for yourself as you are a grown man/woman"

6. If that doesn`t seem to do the trick you start a direct discussion about how your sexual life would improve if he/she worked out. That is usually the final argument that WILL tip them over. ( I also read that in all the related articles I have read, so I guess it has to be true)
But, one should be careful going frontal on such sensitive subjects, some will loose confidence for a week or longer, when being fronted with such seemingly harsh critique. But I say, it is not a critique, it is a reasonable discussion between two adults on how they can improve their relation.

I have my boyfriend going to the gym

Took me four months.

Stubborn bastard.
I don`t mean bastard in a bad way, I just say it so you`ll know how stubborn he is. It is called being dramatical, I am a woman you know.

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